Having your photo shoot outside in natural daylight is the secret to getting the very best photography possible. We can choose a familiar or sentimental location such as an outdoor public space or a gorgeous leafy park to host your shoot. The opportunities are endless in a city as scenic as New York. Food photography can be photographed outside under the ideal conditions, or at your location, but is typically photographed in studio.

For the times when studio photography is a must, a rental studio is the best option. I can set up an unobtrusive lighting design to craft an inviting look for you. My lighting is simple and classy, presenting you or your food in a flattering light.

I keep my photo sessions brief, ranging from one- to two-hour sessions. This allows us to have a productive session, rather than taking unlimited photos simply for the sake of using the time. Each photo is crafted with care, taking the time to get the right look. As a result, I don’t burden you with hundreds of repetitive, unnecessary shots. A typical session yields less than one dozen photos. Why so few? Because I understand the vision and get the job done. Less is truly more.

Are you ready for your moment? Great! Be sure to wear clothing that accentuates your shape, personality, and complexion. Strive for pleasing, neutral colors. Avoid bold patterns and logos. Arrive refreshed, free from stress and stimulants. And for your food photography, we can discuss the best way to have your items arrive at the studio safe, fresh, and ready to photograph.

It’s best to arrive for your session with your makeup already applied. Makeup is always recommended because I do not retouch photographs to modify or obscure anyone’s natural features.

The same applies to styling your food photos—a qualified stylist is your best option to give your photographs a winning edge. The studio matters, too. I work out of studios with natural daylight and can use studio lighting if the need arises, or we can consider working in your environment.

Makeup, stylists, studios…we can discuss these concerns when we discuss the scope of your photo session.